Bir - Billing Paragliding

30 minutes Paragliding with Gopro Video from 'One of the World's best paragliding sight' Bir Billing Himachal Pradesh

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40 Minutes

Category Adventure Activity
Location Bir Billing Himachal Pradesh

Pick up point - TT School of Paragliding Within 5Km

Drop up point - Bir Landing

  • Difficulty Level 2 Difficult
  • Treking Paragliding
  • Location Bir Billing Himachal Pradesh
  • Stars 5
  • 50 Capacity
Shells 35 Shell
Gongs 10 Gongs
Journals 1 Journals
Discount: 13 %
MRP: 4000/-
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Attractions During Bir - Billing Paragliding

One of World's best paragliding sight.

OVERVIEW OF Bir - Billing Paragliding

Pick up from the hotel, a thrilling 45 min drive to the take off, through the dense forest, A small tea break at the Take Off. After which a 30min rush of adrenalin as you fly with the eagles.

TRANSPORT during Bir - Billing Paragliding

  • SUV
  • Standard Land Transport
  • Off Roading Vehicle

Safety & Precautions for Bir - Billing Paragliding

1. Experienced and Licensed Piolets.
1. Regularly inspected and certified equipment.
2. Using all professional equipment.
3. Safety shoot provided.

Why Choose Bir - Billing Paragliding

The Team comprises experienced and competition pilots having flying experience across the country.


  • SUV
  • Air Based
  • High Altitude Mountains
  • Cloud Forest
  • Coniferous Forest
  • Standard Land Transport
  • Off Roading Vehicle
  • Adventure Activity
  • Standard Service
  • Opening Time: 9:00 AM
  • Closing Time: 4:00 PM
  • Paragliding
  • 3000 Meter
  • 20 Kilo Meters

Activity Itinerary for Bir - Billing Paragliding

Title -
Paragliding at Bir Billing
Pick up from anywhere in Bir
15 Minutes
Drive to Billing take off 2400 m
45 Minutes
Get Ready for take off
10 Minutes
Fly Time
25 - 30 Minutes
Land at Bir landing sight 1400 meters
5 Minutes
Collect your paragliding gopro video
5 Minutes

Things to Bring for Bir - Billing Paragliding

1. Clothes according to the weather and temperature conditions. It is colder in air while flying.
2. Shoes that are comfortable to run in.
3. Personal medication if any.

Fitness Required for Bir - Billing Paragliding

1. No operation or surgery in the last 6 months. Consult your doctor before participating.
2. Maximum weight 90kg. Rs550/- Extra for 91kg to 100kg.
3. Should be able to run 20 meters.
4. Not allowed during pregnancy.

Documents Required for Bir - Billing Paragliding

  • Indemnity Bond is must


1. Paragliding equipment:-
a. Gliding wing
b. Harness
c. Safety para shoot
d. Experienced and licensed Paragliding pilot.
2. Transportation to Billing.
3. Gopro Video


1. Food
2. Stay
3. Medical
4. Insurance


  • Male
    Savio Nunes 5

    Beautiful experience!! I Recommend this 25 min Paragliding to all :)

  • Male
    Jakeer Hussain 5

    Worlds Best Paragliding! the view wow and 30 minutes in the air, simply amazing. The crew is so polite and courteous. I had the time of my life.

  • Male
    Rohit kohli 5

    Unbelievable! The most Beautiful Sunset! Paragliding from a height of 9000ft and the sunsetting right in-front of you. Wow! Nature is beautiful. I will never get over this Worlds Best Paragliding Adventure!

  • Male
    Hardik Thakker 5

    It was the best experience of my life till date and all due to a team that made my dream come true. It was the team of Adventure Monk that helped me in booking this adventure and the operators there that helped me during the adventure. I am really thankful to everyone involved. It was a great day with lots of fun and memories. A beautiful 30 minutes in the air paragliding and flying like a bird.

  • Male
    Nitesh kumar 5

    I had booked my paragliding days in advance. Due to which I had a slot on the busiest weekend for no extra charge. Hassel free experience. The best 30 min Paragliding experience. I recommend this to all.

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