Adventure Monk may from time to time introduce referral and/or incentive based policies for its Members. These policies will be governed by their respective terms and conditions in addition to the Adventure Monk Terms which shall be binding on the Members participating in the same. Further, Adventure Monk  reserves the right to terminate / suspend the Member's Account and Shells earned and/or participation of the Member in the policy if Adventure Monk determines in its sole discretion that the Member has violated the rules of the policies and/or has been involved in activities that are in contravention of the Terms or has engaged in activities which are fraudulent / unlawful in nature. Furthermore, Adventure Monk reserves the right to modify, cancel and discontinue its policies without any notice to the User.


  1. Referral Policy - Adventure Partners, after registration, can invite Guests, Adventure Professionals and other Adventure Partners to the website. Users that join using this  invitation will be added to that particular Adventure Partner’s referral chain as per the Referral Policy. Each Adventure Partner should compulsorily add 1 Vendor to the referral chain within 45 of becoming an Adventure Partner. Each Adventure Partner can invite a maximum of 10 Vendors in a particular Financial Year. Non-adherence to this would lead to lapsing of Referral Reward policy until an addition to the referral chain is made.


  1. Referral Reward Policy - Adventure Partners may receive Shells from the Adventure Monk on purchases and sales made by their referral chain. Shells received will vary based on the ratings received and discount coupons availed by that referral chain. If more than 40% of the Referral Vendors invited by the Adventure Partner receive an average rating below 2.5 stars, this service will be blocked for 45 days. If in a Referral Chain, an individual Adventure Partner’s rating is below 2.6 stars, then that Adventure Partner shall not be entitled to receive any awards as per this policy. 


  1. Reward  Policy - On successful completion of Bookings, the Adventure Partner and the Guest will be asked to rate each other. Based on the rating received by the Guest, tht particular Adventure Partner may receive Shells from the service fee that was charged. If the Adventure Partner’s average rating is below 2.1 stars, the Deactivation Policy would apply.
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