Billing Paragliding - Bir Billing

Feel the Thrill of Acrobatic Paragliding. One of the best places to experience tandem paragliding in the world.

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15 Minutes

Category Adventure Activity
Location Bir Billing Himachal

Pick up point - TT School of Paragliding Bir Within 5Km

Drop up point - Bir Landing

  • Difficulty Level 2 Difficult
  • Treking Paragliding
  • Location Bir Billing Himachal
  • Stars 5
  • 20 Capacity
Shells 25 Shell
Gongs 10 Gongs
Journals 1 Journals
Price Addon
2200 Convert to Advance Acro Stunts. Per Person
550 Extra Time (10 min). Per Person.
1000 360 Gopro Camera. Per Person.
Discount: 17 %
MRP: 3000/-
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Attractions During Billing Paragliding - Bir Billing

1. The thrill of paragliding through pristine blue skies at a height of around 2,400 m, an experience unlike anything else.
2. The chance to record your experience via GoPro and relive them whenever you wish to.
3. Wing-Over
4. Spiral
5. Stunts in mid paragliding flight
6. Acro Paragliding is also Known as Acrobatic Paragliding
7. High Adeline Rush
8. High G-Force
9. Acro -Sat

OVERVIEW OF Billing Paragliding - Bir Billing

You will be picked up from Bir village and taken to the starting site for paragliding. A professional will be with you at all times, from takeoff to landing, while you experience the joy of tandem paragliding and drink in the beautiful views. All safety precautions will be taken and looked after with the utmost urgency.

Acro Paragliding flying is acrobatic maneuvers with a paraglider called (aerobatics). Maneuvers carried out are - wingover, spiral dive, full stall, SAT, most maneuvers are reserved for experienced pilots, as they require a lot of training, good body and control . Many maneuvers require exact timing and therefore good mental timing and constitution of the pilot. Training and demonstration of these maneuvers are with rescue parachutes is standard for advanced maneuvers.
The figures can be divided into two categories: positive maneuvers, which primarily use the momentum of the screen, and negative maneuvers that a unilateral or complete stall. In addition, there are a large number of connections in which one figure seamlessly merges into another.

It is an extreme change of curve during flight with the pilot swinging sideways. Depending on the design, the figure can range from a slight pendulum of the pilot under the umbrella to a massive step over the canopy. With high wingovers, the pilot is subjected to strong acceleration forces for brief moments.

Spiral dive
The classic spiral dive is a technically relatively simple but physically demanding flight figure. The pilot turns in a spiral motion around the paraglider, which flies a narrow circular path. The leading edge of the paraglider slopes towards the ground in a full spiral. As a rapid descent maneuver in order to efficiently reduce altitude, the rate of descent is between 9m/s to approx. 25 m / s. As the rate of descent increases, the centrifugal forces increase. With a sink rate of 15-18 m / s, loads of approx. 3 g can occur, with a larger sink rate up to 5 g and more are possible.

Asymmetrical spiral
A further development of the spiral dive and the wingover is the asymmetrical spiral . The axis of the spiral is turned more and more towards the horizontal . When executed perfectly, it can be flown in such a way that the pilot rises well above the glider height. The name Asymmetric Spiral is misleading as it is basically a wingover movement, but it is performed over and over in the same direction.

The full stall is a complete stall over the entire screen width. This is achieved by symmetrically braking the paraglider below the minimum flight speed. Is released after tipping in the stall again slightly brake the screen usually goes it into reverse flight (partly Tailslide , flyback or Backfly called). In this state the flow flows in the opposite direction from the actual rear edge of the canopy to the front. the flyback is mastered absolutely safely by experienced acro pilots and maneuvers are often derived from it.

Spin / Helikopter
A vrille is a one-sided stall . This is achieved by braking one half of the wing below the minimum flight speed. In the figure, the paraglider rotates flat around its own vertical axis. One end of the wing moves in the usual direction of flight (forward), the other end against its normal direction of flight (backward). A vrille flown over several revolutions, with the sail completely open and the pilot neatly centered on the axis of rotation, is called a helicopter. The sink rate during this figure is approx. 4-5 m / s. A transition from a helicopter to a helicopter turning in the opposite direction is also referred to as a twister.

A kind of spiral dive is flown, but the pivot point of the flight path is between the pilot and the paraglider. The glider continues to fly forward while the pilot circles backwards. During the initiation, the radius of the rotation is suddenly reduced and there is a brief high load. Extreme 3.5 g centrifugal acceleration can arise; rate of descent 4 m / s to 10m/s.

TRANSPORT during Billing Paragliding - Bir Billing

  • Standard Land Transport
  • SUV
  • Minivan
  • Off Roading Vehicle

Safety & Precautions for Billing Paragliding - Bir Billing

The equipment is checked regularly by professionals.
Our instructors are experienced and are very familiar with doing tandem flights.
1. Experienced and Licensed Piolets.
1. Regularly inspected and certified equipment.
2. Using all professional equipment.
3. Safety shoot provided.

Why Choose Billing Paragliding - Bir Billing

Our instructors are very familiar with tandem flights and will ensure that you have an unfettered experience.
All equipment is regularly inspected.
GoPros are available for you to record and take pictures of your flight.
The Team comprises experienced and competition pilots having flying experience across the country.


  • Adventure Activity
  • Air Based
  • High Altitude Mountains
  • Low Altitude Mountains
  • Coniferous Forest
  • Standard Service
  • Standard Land Transport
  • SUV
  • Minivan
  • Off Roading Vehicle
  • Opening Time: 9:00 AM
  • Closing Time: 3:30 PM
  • Paragliding
  • 2450 Meter
  • 9 Kilo Meters

Activity Itinerary for Billing Paragliding - Bir Billing

Title -
Paragliding at Bir Billing
Pick up from anywhere in Bir
15 min
Drive to Billing take off 2400 m
45 Minutes
Get Ready for take off
10 Minutes
Fly Time
15 Minutes
Land at Bir landing sight 1400 meters
5 Minutes
Collect your paragliding gopro video
5 Minutes

Things to Bring for Billing Paragliding - Bir Billing

Clothes according to the weather and temperature conditions. It is colder in air while flying.
Shoes that are comfortable to run in.
Personal medication if any.

Fitness Required for Billing Paragliding - Bir Billing

Tandem paragliding is suitable for almost every person irrespective of their fitness level.
The safe minimum weight limit is 40 kg and the maximum limit is 90kg.
You’ll have to be able to run a few steps as you become airborne and on landing will have to stay on your harness with legs straight up.
1. No operation or surgery in the last 6 months. Consult your doctor before participating.
2. Maximum weight 90kg. Rs550/- Extra for 91kg to 100kg.
3. Should be able to run 20 meters.
4. Not allowed during pregnancy.

Documents Required for Billing Paragliding - Bir Billing

  • Indemnity Bond is must


Paragliding equipment:-
Gliding wing
Safety para shoot
Experienced and licensed Paragliding pilot.
Transportation to Billing.
Gopro Video


any thing that is not mentioned in the inclusion.
Personal expense of any kind or nature.


What is the best time to do paragliding in Bir Billing?

It's enjoyable between September and June. Over November and December one can catch gorgeous snow-covered landscapes while paragliding. The activity is closed during monsoon in the months of July and August.

How safe is tandem paragliding in Bir Billing? Do I need a license?

Tandem paragliding is statistically safer than driving a car. A professional instructor shall navigate the entire while. No license is required.

What should I wear while doing paragliding?

It is recommend you wear warm and light clothes so that your body can move easily during the glide.

Is there any age and weight limit for paragliding in Bir Billing?

There is no age limit for paragliding. It can be enjoyed by all weight groups below 135 kg due to equipment capacity.

How do I get my photos during tandem paragliding?

We provide a GoPro service at an extra charge.

How many Acro Stunts are included?

3 Acro Stunts are included.

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