Paragliding Course - P1

The most basic and shortest course in Paragliding - Billing Paragliding Association Certificate (BPA)

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4 days 1 nights

Category Adventure Tour
Location Bir Billing Himachal Pradesh

Pick-up point: - Bir village

Drop-off point: - Bir village

  • Difficulty Level 3 Difficult
  • Treking Paragliding Course
  • Location Bir Billing Himachal Pradesh
  • Rating Stars 5
  • 20 Capacity
Shells 140 Shell
Gongs 15
Journals 1 Journals
Price Addon
2000 Camping Stay (Tent), Breakfast and Dinner
2200 Camping Stay (Tent), Breakfast and Dinner
Discount: 28 %
MRP: 19500/-
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Attractions During Paragliding Course - P1

1. The magnificent Dholadar Range.
2. A comfortable weather during the day to learn Paragliding.
3. The rich culture of Bir is a home to back mountains settlers, Himalayan nomadic communities, Tibetans and many paragliding piolets.
4. Billing Paragliding Association Certificate (BPA)

Overview Of Paragliding Course - P1

Paragliding is the path into gliding and flying the sky. This Course is the most basic course in paragliding. Being the entry level course most of the training is on the ground :-
1. Learning how to open up a glider.
2. Learning the parts, key terms and theory about paragliding.
3. Learn how to wear harness and Glider.
4. Demo by Certified Instructors.
5. Now the real training begins, this is known as Ground Training. Learn how to lift a glider, balancing it over the head, run with the glider till the end of the field and repeat.
6. Tandem Paragliding Fly
7. Billing Paragliding Association Certificate (BPA)

Transport Provided during Paragliding Course - P1

  • Standard Land Transport
  • Off Roading Vehicle

Safety & Precautions for Paragliding Course - P1

1. School level glider
2. Helmet
3. Trained Instructors
4. Assistance by instructors
5. First Aid Kit
6. Ambulance Fecality
7. Incident Search Party

Why Choose Paragliding Course - P1

1. 15+ years of Experience in the field
2. Instructors from Arunachala tourism and Himachal Tourism, by state Government
3. Certified Instructors From Billing Paragliding Association, registered and approved by tourism of Himachal
4. The Best site for learning Paragliding Course (P1, P2, P3 & cross country)
5. Bir Billing is the second highest site in the world
6. Billing Paragliding Association Certificate (BPA)


  • Standard
  • Pub / High Altitude Tents
  • Adventure Tour
  • Air Based
  • Low Altitude Mountains
  • Coniferous Forest
  • Standard Land Transport
  • Off Roading Vehicle
  • Others
  • Paragliding Course
  • 8000 Feet

Tour Itinerary of Paragliding Course - P1

Day 1 -

Introduction and Ground Training

8:30 AM
Report to Paragliding school
8:35 AM
Collect Paragliding Equipment and load on top of vehicle
8:50 AM
Leave for Ground Training, Landing Site Bir
9:00 AM
Reach Landing, Briefing by Instructor and introduction lecture
10:00 AM
Start Ground training
1:00 PM
Lunch Break
2:30 PM
Ground Training
4:30 PM
Briefing by Instructor
5:00 AM
Glider Packing, loading on to vehicle
Day 2 -

Ground Training

Same as day one
Day 3 -

Ground Training and bunny hops

Same as day 2
Day 4 -

Ground Training and bunny hops

One tandem fly
Looking forward to seeing you in our next course

Accommodation Itinerary for Paragliding Course - P1

Night 1 -
You may pitch your tent at the Paragliding school or There are many stay options in Bir.

Things to Bring for Paragliding Course - P1

1. Warm Clothes
2. Personal Toiletries
3. Elbow & Knee guards
4. Training cloths for the number of days
5. Sports shoes with good grip
6. Personal medication if any
7. personal first aid kit

Documents Required for Paragliding Course - P1

  • Government Photo ID
  • Under 18 & Minors need written guardian approval
  • Indemnity Bond
  • Medical Certificate

Fitness Required

Basic Fitness and good physical health. No substance abuse will be tolerated during the course.


1. Shared transport to the Flying Sight or training ground.
2. All Paragliding Equipment for Ground Training.
3. 15+ years experienced Instructors.
4. One may pitch his own one person or 2 men tent at the paragliding school. For other types of accommodation we can help you find or arrange for additional charge.
5. Billing Paragliding Association Certificate (BPA)


Any type of Insurance.
Any nature of medical expense.
Meal or any food
Stay or accommodation
Any personal expense

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the Chief Instructor?

Chief Instructor is Subash Thakur, Popularly Known as TT. Numerous award and certificates.

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