Bir to Hanumangarh Trek

The Highest Mountain in Bir Billing and the Best Panoramic View at Bir Billing

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2 days 1 nights

Category Adventure Tour,Cultural Tour
Location Bir Billing Himachal Pradesh
  • Difficulty Level 1 Difficult
  • Treking Trek
  • Location Bir Billing Himachal Pradesh
  • Rating Stars 5
  • 10 Capacity
Shells 25 Shell
Gongs 5
Journals 1 Journals
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Price Addon
600 porterage, per bag, max 10 kg
2000 Paragliding at Bir Billing
Discount: 44 %
MRP: 9000/-

Overview Of Bir to Hanumangarh Trek

Hanumangarh, the name itself optimistically describes the sacredness of the place. Don’t be confused with the Hanumangarh located in Rajasthan. The Hanumangarh we are going to describe is in Himachal Pradesh. Situated in the lap of Dhauladhar Ranges, Hanumangarh is a great place for adventure enthusiasts. Hanumangarh is the summit of the mountain located near Bir Billing. The valley is full of flora and fauna. One can observe a variety of birds and trees here. Hanumangarh, is under the wildlife sanctuary.
The place offers a complete 360 view of the Dhauladhar mountain ranges. The Hanumangarh is the tallest mountain peak around and during clear weather, it offers an enormous view of the nearby places such as Badagran, Nalhota, Thati, Kothi Kohad, and Bir. One of the special things about this place is that the surrounding passes here like Nohru Pass, Thamsar Pass, Jalsu Pass, Chainna Pass, and Sari Pass are clearly visible from the the top. There is not even a single house in Hanumangarh, the place is miles far and miles away from civilization. The place is tranquil and alone, even the nearest human population is 5 km away in Rajgundha.

Best time to visit :
The climate here remains cold throughout the whole year. The valley maintains natural beauty throughout the year and provides different experiences in different seasons which has been described below:

Summer Season: The valley is definitely a good place and experiences a cool temperature throughout the whole year. It is a great place for those who want to escape the scorching heat during summer. The summer season here starts from March to June. You can experience cool and calm air during the season and can wander between the green fields which pleasures your mind and body. The temperature rises here during summer days. You could wear half-sized clothes during the day but it is advisable to carry some warm clothes as the temperature may decrease during the night and early mornings. During this season, whenever it rains, it gets accompanied by hailstones.

Monsoon Season: The monsoon season marks its presence from July and ends till mid-September. The monsoon season here is accompanied by heavy rains. The roads get closed and bridges over the river get collapsed due to heavy rainfall and a number of landslides occur during the season. The temperature during monsoon rises down as compared to the summer. Trekking here is possible during the monsoon season but depends upon the weather as landslides may happen due to hefty rain. Despite weather conditions, monsoon season here is regarded as the best season for the professional trekkers admiring to take the Thamsar Pass trek.

Winter Season: The winter season starts here in October and ends in February. During the winter season, the climate here become coldest through the year. The period during the winter season is great to experience Hanumangarh. The whole valley is covered with snow and the weather becomes pleasant. The temperature here during the winter season gets lowered down, but not as much that you cannot tolerate. The months of January and February get a number of snowfalls and the valley gets completely covered by the snow up to 8-10 inches. Warm clothes and snowshoes are compulsory in this winter season. You can enjoy the snow trek here which is a mind-blowing experience. But if the density of snow is high, then the trekking activity gets postponed.

Food Provided During Bir to Hanumangarh Trek

  • Standard Veg
  • Standard Non Veg
  • Standard Eggetarian

Transport Provided during Bir to Hanumangarh Trek

  • Standard Land Transport
  • Off Roading Vehicle

Safety & Precautions for Bir to Hanumangarh Trek

Your trek leader will be carrying a medical kit. This will include basic medicines.
Rescue incase someone needs to be taken to hospital - Additional standard charges as per taxi or ambulance rate.


  • Adventure Tour
  • Cultural Tour
  • Land Based
  • Village
  • Religious Sites
  • Tribal Areas
  • High Altitude Mountains
  • Hills
  • Cloud Forest
  • Coniferous Forest
  • Standard
  • Standard Veg
  • Standard Non Veg
  • Standard Eggetarian
  • Pub / High Altitude Tents
  • Standard Land Transport
  • Off Roading Vehicle
  • Trek
  • 10498 Feet

Tour Itinerary of Bir to Hanumangarh Trek

Day 1 -

Drive to nearest point above Billing (2430 mt)

6:00 AM
Board vehicle
7:30 AM
Reach trek point
8:30 AM
Reach camp site and setup Camp at China Pass
9:30 AM
Packed Breakfast
10:30 AM
Explore the area around, music, dance and help prepare lunch. Collecting fire wood, water and cooking.
1:30 PM
5:00 PM
Tea, coffee, other drinks and snacks
6:30 PM
7:00 PM
Hot soup
9:00 AM
10:00 PM
Star gazing
Day 2 -

Trek to Hanumangarh (3200 Mt)

7:30 AM
Morning tea
8:00 AM
9:00 AM
Trek starts
12:00 PM
Reach top of Hanumangarh
12:15 PM
Refreshments and packed food
1:00 PM
Star Trek back
2:30 PM
Reach back to camp
2:35 PM
Hot lunch
3:30 PM
Chilling, pack your belongings and help pack & close camp
4:30 PM
Start trekking back to road head
5:15 PM
Board vehicle
7:00 PM
Reach bir

Food Itinerary for Bir to Hanumangarh Trek

Day 1 -
Drive to nearest point above Billing (2430 mt)
Day 2 -
Trek to Hanumangarh (3200 Mt)

Accommodation Itinerary for Bir to Hanumangarh Trek

Night 1 -
High quality Comfortable branded high altitude tent - 2 people sharing

Things to Bring for Bir to Hanumangarh Trek

1. Trekking shoes
2. Backpack (40 litres)
3. one warm layer
4. one trek pants
5. two t-shirts
6. Thermal (for winter season)
7. Sunglasses
8. Suncap
9. Synthetic hand gloves (for winter season)
10. Balaclava
11. Socks (2 pairs)
12. Headlamp/LED torch
13. Trekking pole
14. Daypack (20 litres)
15. Toiletries
16. Cutlery
17. Two water bottles
18. Plastic covers
19. Mandatory Personal Medical Kit
20. Rain Cover for bags
21. Rain Cover for personal use
22. Shorts for summer season

Documents Required for Bir to Hanumangarh Trek

  • Disclaimer
  • Indemnity Bond
  • Original and photocopy of government photo identity card – driving license, voters ID, etc

Fitness Required

The experience will only be better if you have basic fitness. Take time out to engage in cardio and core strength. This will help you trek with ease and enjoy. Walking for long distances, will help prepare you for the trek.

Cardiovascular endurance – Target 2 km in 15 minutes
On the trek, you are trekking an average of 2 km each day on easy to moderate terrain. On the summit day, you trek a total of 5 km for a few hours and back to Camp.

Prepare for ascents
To prepare yourself for the climb, you can add stair-climbing to your routine as well. Start simply by climbing upstairs for two minutes non-stop.

Work on your core body strength and also your thighs, to take pressure off your knees. You can do some squats. Do three sets of squats, with 8 squats in each set. Apart from this. This will help increase your core body strength.


Accommodation – tents (double occupancy)
Meals – All meals on the trek. We provide nutritious vegetarian food, non veg (mutton) & egg. As per itinerary
Camping charges – All trekking permits and forest camping charges.
Trekking equipment – High quality tents, sleeping bags, micro spikes (for snow conditions only), ropes, gaiter etc as required.
Safety equipment – First aid, medical kit,
Transport from Bir to start of trek point and back to Bir.


Transport to and from the base camp – Bir, Himachal
Food during transit to and from the base camp
Backpack offloading charges – Rs300*2 days (600) for the full trek. The backpack cannot weigh more than 9 kg. Suitcases/trolleys/duffel bags will not be allowed. Please note that charges will vary for last minute offloading in case you decide to offload your bag after reaching the start of the trek (Rs.450 per day inclusive of taxes).
Stay at Bir
Any nature of medical expense
Any type of Insurance
Anything apart from inclusions

By Bus or Local Tranport

The best way to reach Bir is by taking an overnight bus private from Delhi to Bir. Regular bus services ply to and fro the city of Bir. They operate on a daily basis, whether day or night, from places like Shimla, Dharamshala, etc. You can also take shared taxis or cabs for the same route. You can take buses or taxis to get around Bir.

By Train or Rail

There is no direct rail connectivity to Bir. The nearest broad gauge station is in Pathankot, which is 112.4 km. away from Bir, while the nearest narrow gauge station is in Ahju, barely 3 km. from Bir. A toy train runs from Pathankot to Ahju.

By Aeroplane or Air

There is no direct flight connectivity for the city of Bir. Kangra Airport, which is 67.6 km. away from the destination, is the nearest airport that connects Bir to the rest of the world. Other airports close to Bir are in Chandigarh (290 km), Amritsar airport (260 km) and New Delhi (520 km).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ATM and Cash Availability?

There is no single ATM in Hanumangarh. The nearest ATM to Hanumangarh is at Bir Market located in Bir. Carry some amount of cash with you before heading towards Hanumangarh.

Network Availability?

There is low network coverage at Hanumangarh. For important calls, just attend them in Bir.

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